Develop didactic-methodical knowledge

The dual system of vocational education and training of Germany is highly recognized worldwide. It’s the effective combination of theoretical classroom-training and training in a real-life work environment. Our trainings are based on the didactic-methodical knowledge trainers need to establish a beneficial working environment.

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Knowledge in the organization

Train-the-Trainer programs can increase learning & development in your organization. They will help you to keep the knowledge within the company .

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Structured trainings

Structured and engaging trainings are two keys to effective learning. The participants will learn tools to create sustainable trainings.

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Didactic-methodical knowledge

Step by step the participants will develop a didactic-methodical knowledge of how to develop effective teaching-learning processes.

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Develop abilities & skills

The participants will built up though this program the abilities to train others and develop the skills to design their own training concepts.

What our customers say...

Thanks to her extensive practical experience as a trainer, as well as her dynamic and professional seminar style, Mrs. Guth was able to deliver customized and practical content.
Mrs. Guth managed to get to the heart of very complex and important content in a clear and compact way and conveyed it very well. Thanks for the great seminar!
Dear Mrs. Guth, thank you very much for the educational seminar, which you, as the moderator, led very sympathetically. All the best to you.
Mrs. Guth is a very qualified and very committed trainer. She made the training and it's complex topics very structured and customized. It was really fun. Perfect training!