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Team Members of all levels need the right skills, enabling them to fulfill the requirements of their position. Furthermore knowledge is developed and experience passed on within the employees of the organization.

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Effective communication

Communication is a vital part, to work in teams efficiently and to reach the targets. In this worksho we will cover the basics of effective communication.

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Recieving & providing feedback

In this workshop, your employees will learn how to recieve and provide professional feedback and to take adequate meassures.

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Mission, vision and values

An organization’s mission, vision and values can be the lighthouse of the actions and give orientation. Here we bring them into daily business.

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Targets, decisions, solving problems

Setting targets, taking decisions and solving problems are a part of our daily business. Here your employees will learn how to manage them.

What our customers say...

Mrs. Guth is a very qualified and very committed trainer. She made the training and it's complex topics very structured and customized. It was really fun. Perfect training!
Dear Mrs. Guth, thank you very much for the educational seminar, which you, as the moderator, led very sympathetically. All the best to you.
Mrs. Guth managed to get to the heart of very complex and important content in a clear and compact way and conveyed it very well. Thanks for the great seminar!
Thanks to her extensive practical experience as a trainer, as well as her dynamic and professional seminar style, Mrs. Guth was able to deliver customized and practical content.